Revolutionary Breakthrough for Back Sufferers

The Revolutionary KBS2000 (Klass VakiTM) International

Ergonomically Designed Pressure Equalising Orthopaedic Body Support Systems

A first in the world invention for backpain and mysterious pain problems.

Extensive research has shown that more than 80% of all people suffer from back pain during their lifetime and back pain is one of the most crippling conditions a person can experience.

But there is a way out. A unique product can now bring relief - a product born from personal distress, scientifically developed and researched and successfully used by thousands of back sufferers.

KBS2000 is unique and should not be confused with the ordinary FLAT sleep surface. It recognises that the flat surface of the conventional sleep surface causes pressure to build up between the body and the surface on which it is resting, causing and aggravating back pain. KBS2000 (Klass Vaki) is shaped to gently hug and support the important back muscles of the back and lower lumbar area.

KBS2000 (Klass Vaki), is a body support that takes on back pain at the root of the problem. It supports the muscular system of the back - no more piling up of pillows for support needed. The secret lies in the release of muscle spasm by means of gentle balanced and correct support of the muscular system vital to the proper functioning of the spine.

Klass Vaki has proven itself to be successful in the relief of pain in the following cases.

* Sciatica (Pinched nerve) * Ankylosing Spondylitis
* Muscle Spasm * Arachnoiditis
* Lower Back Pain * Cancer (comfort for the terminally ill)
* Scoliosis (Great Success) * Prostate (Great Success alleviating pressure)
* Slipped Discs * Pregnancy
* Fibromyalgia * Bedsores (scientifically proven)
* Osteo Porosis (discomfort when lying down) * Athletes for fast recouperation - hamstring, back spasms etc.
* Arthritis of the back  

The Following information is of Vital Importance.


Back Muscle spasm is the main cause of painful backs. If back muscles are allowed to properly relax, this condition should rectify itself. Unfortunately the muscles of the back receive no assistance from the FLAT SURFACE of the conventional mattress due to lack of proper, balanced, support. For this reason it has already become conventional wisdom that bed rest only aggravates lower back pain.

Simirlarly exercise aggravates back pain. Before exercise can bare any beneficial effect, back muscle spasm must be relieved, and the underlying cause, the FLAT SLEEP SURFACE rectified. The back pain sufferer is too tired and rundown to put in an effort towards strenthening his/her back muscles in any case. The great gift of sleep given to humankind to act as a healing factor can be of little benefit if we ourselves do not make certain that our sleep surface allows the body to heal itself from the daily stresses being forced onto our bodies.

For the first time now this negative effect of the FLAT SLEEP SURFACE has been addressed by applying a very simple formula : our backs aren't flat, so why sleep on a flat surface? KBS2000 offers proper balanced support so as to eliminate back muscle spasm. You can now even enjoy doing exercise on this surface without the fear of putting further strain on back muscles and simultaneously enjoying the beneficial effect of an improvement in the flow of blood to effected areas and extremities.

Using KBS2000 your dorsal muscles will be free of stress and strain. Your everyday work will become a joy and your life will take on a new dimension, spiritually and physically.


Back Muscle support is a much more intricate concept than generally realized. For this reason the medical profession could never fully fathom the practical implication thereof. Only the experiences of the crippling effect of back pain motivated the inventor of the KBS2000 to make such an in depth scientific study of the subject which eventually enabled her to perfect the support system built into KBS2000.

The differentiated support offered to back muscles is the secret of KBS2000's success; Some back muscles need more passive support, some more active support - only by using this unique principle can properly BALANCED support be applied to dorsal and related muscles, especially the oblique muscles, in the process of alleviating back pain.



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