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Achievement, the goal of every athlete, implies hard work. Training session after training session.

Achievement to a large extend depends on the well-being of the muscular system. The back muscle drives the body (without which the critical balance of heart-lung co-ordination cannot be achieved).

The back muscle is strained to its limits in an effort to condition it properly. This requires training and more training and correct nutrition - highly specialized fields today. But this also requires periods of rest for recovery and recuperation.

Strength is regained through REST: the one aspect of conditioning that did not keep pace with the high level of scientific manipulation evident in the training of the athlete. Without rest continued training is just not possible. Are you aware of the destructive influence that tired back muscles in spasm can have on the spine, one of the most important levers for motion.

Klass Vaki offers the solution. It gently supports the back and related muscles in an even and balanced manner. Spasm, the big culprit, is soothed out. The concept constituting the key to Klass Vaki is simple but effective, and already proven. The secret lies in the contours of this support, the built-in wedges and the resilience of the foam.

The benefits of KBS2000for the athlete:

* Fatigued back muscles recuperate faster.
* As a result lost power and energy are regained quickly.
* Spasms dissappear.
* Stiffness and pain disappears quickly.
* Blood circulation improves due to the disappearance of tension and spasm.
* An unprecedented level of energy is experienced due to better quality rest.
* The development of future back problems is largely diminished.


A message from Colleen de Reuck, world class marathon runner.

Dear Petro

KBS2000 is great! Can't be without it now.

Thanks for your support.

Best Wishes,

Colleen de Reuck.






The Muscular System in Motion







A Message from a prominent international coach (Bobby McGee)

Coach of Coleen de Reuck

To: Petro, the Inventor.

Although the athletes I work with have been using the KBS2000 for years, this latest version is a quantum leap forward in "recovery technology". Travelling as much as I do I have a body support in the USA and one here in South Africa. I wouldn't want to be without it.

Colleen de Reuck has one of the most "travelled" supports around.... she never sleeps in a "strange" bed, using her body support in hotels all over the world and even at the waiting area of big city marathons where she campaigns so successfully.

I find that the KBS2000 body support serves all the needs a coach requires in the sleep, rest and recovery department of my athletes.

* decreased "down time", brought about by deeper, more fulfilling sleep.

* a safe, known quantity when sleeping in different beds in strange hotels.

* less preparation time in training morning sessions, as athletes do not awake stiff and lethargic.

* stressed back muscles are supported overnight and during recovery liedowns and recover more rapidly.

* reduced neck and back pain often associated with too hard or soft mattresses.

* increased surface blood flow to extremities as there are no pressure points where this flow is restricted

* neural release, similar to blood flow, as "hotspots" that cause irritation and discomfort, are nillified.

* the body support serves in much the same way as sculpted orthotic serves the foot and encourages good sleeping posture and "filling" of the spinal cushions so that athletes can begin each day more fully refreshed than ever before.

* I even find that massage and therapy is facilitated by the athlete spending a short spell on a KBS2000 (Klass Vaki) before hand. Try the KBS2000, it works, it makes sense and I wouldn't say so if I didn't use one myself. I have the performance and well-being of too many elite athletes at stake to make silly recommendations.

Yours in Excellence

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Bobby Mc Gee (International Coach)

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